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She’s Got the TVLand

Hey has anyone else out there fallen completely in love with TVLand’s new reality show “She’s Got the Look?” It’s basically America’s Next Top Model for women over 35. These ladies are all total foxes and even as old as 63. Tivo this shit because you will love all of these women. They are such a breath of fresh air after years and years of watching young girls on ANTM who don’t even know who they are. These women know exactly who they are so the show is less about backstage fighting and just more about older beautiful women and awesome photography. I don’t need to explain why as a gay man this show seems to have been assembled just for me. You can expect me to watch this one all the way to the end. Also, Kim Alexis is the hostess and I’m pretty sure she discovered the fountain of youth. The ponies I will be watching in this race most closely are the french lady, the swede, the belly-dancing Wisteria Lane explant, and the oldest black lady. Although truthfully I can almost say I love them all.

An interesting thought though- I’m sure this show got shopped around to all kinds of networks before TVLand (a.k.a. the channel that time forgot) finally picked it up. How terrible is it that TVLand was the one channel that would air something this interesting and “outside the box?” The Oxygen network is higher on the food chain than TVLand and this seems tailor-made for Oprah’s followers. Oh wait, that’s right they have “The Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen. Next time Oprah takes a moral stand against a rapper or a James Frey, I’ll remember that thought.


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