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McCain camp declares war on folksy language

The McCain-Palin publicity machine has launched an all-out media blitz against Obama and his use of the colloquial aphorism “you can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig.” I am huge fan of colloquialisms as a way to make an abstract point visual and immediate, so I consider this a war on some of my favorite words. If John McCain takes away my “lipstick on a pig” then who’s to say he won’t take away “you can’t polish a turd” or one of my personal favorites, “you can call a piece of shit a birthday cake, but you can’t make me eat it.”

This debate is stupid and intended to keep voters from focusing on the issues. That McCain’s anger is totally insincere goes without saying. He and probably just about every other politician has used that exact phrase to make him or herself seem like a “real person,” and of course there are numerous recorded examples now circulating of McCain using the phrase even to describe Hillary Clinton and her health care policy. What’s hilarious is that Barack Obama used the phrase in reference to John McCain and his supposed “change” from Bush administration policy, not at all in reference to the much-maligned Sarah Palin and her well-documented lipsticks.

This war on words is done for me. For future reference McCain camp – don’t even think about touching “the cat’s pajamas” or “that’ll go over like a fart in church.” Please feel free to comment below if you have colloquialisms you’d like to declare as off-limits to the McCain campaign’s war on words.