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Thank god for the clarity of Simon Cowell

Clay Aiken came out of the closet this week. Big wow. The fact that a celebrity coming out of the closet (in Clay’s case, an invisible closet) still warrants a splashy front page of People magazine declaring, “Yes, I’m Gay” is disappointing, although it’s clearly an intentional nod to the truly groundbreaking coming out of Ellen Degeneres on the cover of Time Magazine (“Yep, I’m Gay”). I just hope they don’t have to do it again and again when Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper and Tom Cruise decide to face facts. I do think it’s great though that there’s a gay celebrity out there who isn’t hot at all. Kind of lowers the bar a bit for all us real people out here.

Of course American Idol host Simon Cowell can be trusted to cut the shit and say exactly what the majority of America is actually thinking about this news “bombshell”:

“Wow. That’s a shock. It’s like being told Santa Claus isn’t real. Unbelievable. Good for him. If he said it, it’s the right thing for him. … I don’t think anyone cares. Let’s face it. It’s 2008. You know. Who cares?”

Thank you Simon.