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The pet family just grew one bigger

We got our second dachshund this weekend. Her name is Isobel. Not really after the Bjork/Deodato song, but the spelling was inspired by it. She’s adorable and small. Her puppy breath is horrific, think coffee grounds in the garbage. She’s very into playtime which I think is new for us because Brody was always kind of scared and lap-dog-ish. She’s been good about peeing so far. I’ve been a psychotic overlord watching her every move and any time she starts to circle, out she goes. She only peed on the floor once on Saturday and I’ve been able to regulate since then. She’s starting to get the hang of the pooping outside thing. Last night I spent an hour with her outside around 3:15. When she finally pooped I might have cried – I was so delirious I wouldn’t remember clearly. Then she was in crazy play mode until 6:00 when she finally fell asleep in her little dog bed on my lap on the couch. When I then woke up at 8:30 she had at some point made her way out of the dog bed and onto my chest so her little sleepy face was the first thing I saw when I woke up. Of course all was forgiven in that moment.

We were originally going to wait until we moved into our new place to get the new dog, but this one was so cute and just the right age to adopt and we also thought it might be easier to deal with all the puppy stuff in this house rather than in our nice shiny new place. If I can get her fully potty-trained in two weeks, then we were right. We’ll see. Here’s a couple pics, sorry if you read Jason’s blog, they are duplicates of ones he already posted, but I’ll put up more later on in the week.


A short visit to the northland

This weekend I had a much-needed break from the routine. The semester finally ended last week so I’m untethered by students’ intellectual and emotional needs. For a week.

Anyway, I made a 4.5 hour drive up to Minneapolis to visit Jenna and Arjun and their baby girl Sofie. Jenna is my best friend from college and Sofie is my god-daughter! We have been each other’s emotional touchstones over the years, and each visit usually results in lots of talking, some reality TV, and plenty of relaxation. We’re both in a busy and somewhat relentless period of our lives, so we always have lots to talk about. I thought I’d just post a couple of unbelievably cute pictures of me and Sofie. Maybe some other time I’ll write a post about being a god-father, but I’ve only been one for less than a year so there’s not much to write about. All I can say is she is literally the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad to be pseudo-related to her so I get to watch her grow up.