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Ready to take the plunge into online learning

As a college teacher, I am exposed to the constant discussion around online courses: what they are, what they aren’t, why they’re great, why they’re awful, and on and on. Everyone’s got an opinion about online courses in higher education circles. But I don’t know very many faculty who have made these opinions based on online courses that they’ve experienced as a student. I’m sure it’s probably just because we were all trained in the pre-online course era. Well, I think I want to take the leap and experience online learning first-hand.

I teach at the medical school level, so I’d like to experience online learning with that type of content and at that level. Any bloggers out there dabbled in this world and have recommendations of great online science courses or ideas of courses to stay away from for a first foray into the field? I also hope to convince a few colleagues to take the plunge with me so we can have a meta-level conversation over the course about what’s working and not. Seems like a tall order, but could be pretty cool. Wish me luck…


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