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One week until moving day

Only seven days until we close and start the move-in process! I think we’re mostly ready. There’s still lots of odds and ends in the basement that need to be organized and boxed, but everything else is in two neat rows of boxes in the dining room. It’s nice to see the house we’ve lived in for five years with nothing on the walls, stripped of any personal imprint. It is making it easier to imagine not living here, or rather someone else living here. Living in a rental house, you never really shed the notion that the house isn’t really yours and people have lived in your space before you. But after 5 years, I had gotten close.

We have already resolved to not use any of the art that we had at our old place in our new home. I think that’s one of Jason’s best ideas ever. I’m kind of sick of looking at the same three Target brand dead tree framed “art photos” in the bedroom, and the same 5 film posters in the dining room. It’s time for an upgrade.

Things with Isobel are going pretty well. She’s very different from Brody. She’s much more playful and aggressive. She growls a lot while she’s playing. Growls just don’t seem very intimidating coming from a 4 pound dog. She is getting better and better on the potty training routine. I think it helps her to have Brody around. She clearly understands the command for “go poop” because she’ll almost do it on cue now. I wish I could regulate like that. Damn you Activia and your empty promises.

Hopefully in one more week Isobel will be totally potty-trained. Yeah, you betcha. I also hope in one more week to really have the basement fully packed and cleaned. I look forward to the day that I never have to go down there again. I can’t believe I had a party down there once. Complete with tippy cup and beer pong. Some memories just don’t get glossier with time. Finally if it’s possible, sometime in the next week I would love to find me a magic genie who will offer me as one of my three wishes an instantaneous and sweat-free move. My other three wishes would be infinite cash and breakfast served to me every morning forever. Nothing complicated, just some peanut buttered toast and a fried egg. I’m simple that way.